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Virtual office has become the real deal for Emoire

A marketing business has taken the plunge by making a reality of its virtual office and taking on its first member of staff.

Last year, Derby-based Emoire took on virtual office space at the Oberoi Business Hub, in Pride Park.

Demand for its online and traditional marketing services and start-up development consultancy work grew and moved into an office suite.

A young company, Emoire has nevertheless worked with clients in the UK, the US and Africa.


Founded by Adesola Akindele from her Derby home, the firm is now entering its third year in business, with its first office at the business centre in St Christopher’s Way.

It has also launched an online video portal called Luv-TV, designed to help entrepreneurs get business-related video content seen, and a social network dubbed iNiiDiT (I-need-it).

Having moved into the hub, Emoire is organising a series of seminars to help young people turn business ideas into sustainable operations.

Ms Akindele said: “This is a big step for a small business. I feel a real sense of achievement and the space at the hub is just perfect.

“I needed help with my workload, so it made sense to get an office and it will result in a more disciplined approach from the business.”

She studied economics at University College, London, before moving to West Africa where she worked her way up the corporate pole to become head of marketing with a shipping firm.

“Setting up the business, I was looking for a place to live outside London,” she added.

“I originally decided on Manchester, because of Media City, but thought that the crime rate was too high.

“I had a friend in Derby who asked me to visit her. I fell in love with the place, moved here within a week and the rest is history.”

The Oberoi Business Hub was set up by entrepreneur Kavita Oberoi to help nurture start-up businesses and provide flexible office space and services for start-up firms.

Mrs Oberoi said: “What is great is how the vision I had for the hub is now translating into reality.

“To see a business go from a £20-a-month virtual office to a serviced office with one employee in less than a year is just amazing.

“It just goes to show that we need to nurture businesses and give them to tools to operate, creating a win-win for Derby and the wider economy. I just can’t express how pleased I am for Emoire.”

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