Fulfilment: Packing & Distribution

Our Service allows you to concentrate on your sales and clients and we will complete the order process

Packaging and Distribution Services


We will sign for delivery of your goods and store them in a secure and safe place.


We will pack your goods exactly how you would like and according to clients requirements. We will even print labels for batch numbers & expiry dates.


We will distribute the items to your client as per your standard operating procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What type of items can the Oberoi fulfilment service manage?
  • A: We are equipped to manage a range of items for distribution ranging from samples to literature/ brochures.
  • Q: How do Oberoi manage storage of items for distribution?
  • A: On arrival, the items for distribution are checked and any relevant information recorded, as per the instruction of our clients; for example, sample stock batch numbers and best before dates are checked and shelved appropriately. Stock levels are monitored on a daily/weekly basis to ensure a minimum stock level is maintained on each line to enable an efficient service of the contract.
  • Q: Who requests samples?
  • A: Distribution of items is dependent on client needs. Some of our current fulfilment services involve sample requests by Healthcare professionals which they in turn distribute to the patient. Alternatively HealthCare professionals may request samples for direct distribution to the patient. In some cases a request for samples is made directly by the client, samples may be required for the field force on behalf of their practices behalf.
  • Q: How are requests made?
  • A: Requests are made via email, which is monitored throughout the working day. Requests may also be submitted by telephone.
  • Q: What are the timeframes for managing request for an item to be distributed?
  • A: Our standard time to respond is within one working day of receiving a request, the order is processed. The requested item is then distributed within 48 hours of receipt of the request.
  • Q: What is involved in processing requests for items?
  • A: Our service is bespoke and therefore driven by the needs of our customers. On many occasions the items arrive in large outers, these have to be re-packaged into branded boxes provided by the client. Repacking may include information packs and other literature as dictated by the client.
  • Q: How are requests for items monitored/reported to the client?
  • A: A database is set up and populated with all relevant details such as: date of request, requester name and contact details, item being requested where appropriate and distribution address. This information is reported back to the client on a weekly basis.
Packaging and Distribution Services

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