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‘Flexible ’ Oberoi Hub boosted by Brexit

From Left to Right: Emma Rees, of TMX Recruit; Nikki Hufton and Sian Cattell, of Precise HR; Kavita Oberoi and Angie Steyn, of Oberoi Business Hub

The Oberoi Business Hub in Pride Park has continued to welcome more businesses.

The hub, in St Christopher’s Way, was launched by entrepreneur Kavita Oberoi OBE four years ago to provide space and back office support for start-up and growing businesses.

The idea for the hub came from her own experience and the need to attract blue chip clientele for her first business.

Mrs Oberoi said: “Business is about perception and address is important to growth.

“I was lucky in that I was able to go straight from my bedroom and purchase an office. But this isn’t possible for everyone.

“Had I done it sooner, our growth would have been even quicker so it led me to creating the Oberoi Business Hub and the back offices services that businesses require to grow and flourish.”

Among the most recent clients are TMX Recruit and Precise HR.

TMX Recruit is based in Milton Keynes and was looking for a satellite office in the East Midlands. Precise HR is a start-up business launched by Sian Cattell and Nikki Hufton in May.

TMX director James Wall said the company decided to open a Derby office as it has a number of clients in the city.

Asked why they chose to move into the Oberoi Business Hub, he said: “We were really impressed with their flexibility and support from the first viewing to the opening of the doors of our new office.

“The location of the office, being based on Pride Park, was a key factor as this area of Derby offers us easy access to a number of clients as well as the train station and city centre. The hub has delivered on every promise to date, which is vitally important as our sole concentration has been on the successful launch of the Derby office.

“Having the knowledge and confidence that the office facilities and amenities are taken care of has certainly been a huge positive.”

Precise HR describes itself as a “virtual HR department” to a range of organisations offering HR advice and coaching for directors and senior managers.

Ms Cattell, who has spent 20 years working in human resources, said Oberoi Business Hub was the ideal home for her company.

She said: “We looked at places in the city centre but when we came across Oberoi Business Hub, we thought it was exactly what we needed.

“It offers flexibility and has all the facilities we need. And everything is on the doorstep. We have a sustainable transport policy and the hub is close to the train station.”

Mrs Oberoi, who was awarded an OBE in 2014 for services to entrepreneurship and start-up businesses, explained why the hub has proved so popular.

She said: “This has been driven because of the market. Brexit is looming and before that there was the recession.

“People are very wary of taking out a long lease because of the uncertainty of what their business may look like in the coming months and the need to either downsize or upscale quickly.

“At the hub, clients have moved from smaller offices to larger offices over time as their businesses have grown which has, in turn, led to our growth.

“Businesses want the set-up process to be quick, easy and seamless and this is what we offer at Oberoi Business Hub.”

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