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Celebrating Success with Nespresso

Left to Right: Jodie Brady Client support Manager, Damien Harry Nespresso Account Manager, Kavita Oberoi OBE CEO and Founder and Emma Roome Team Leader

Oberoi Business Hub have had a great start to 2020.  

Key headlines:

  • From March we will be at 100% capacity across 24,500 square feet of serviced office space.
  • Following the Hub becoming an IOD member we have hosted a number of IOD members at the Hub.
  • Increased our footprint of supporting inbound calls for Law companies
  • Sourced a number of venues for conferences and meeting rooms where we have been at fully capacity ourselves.
  • Successfully completed an outbound telephone campaign to 8000 GP practices to verify and cleanse data with the following outcomes:
    • 70% of practices supplied the information
    • 22% requested further information by email of which 80% then responded with the information
    • Only 8% refused

To celebrate we are offering businesses and their staff 1 free cup1 of Nespresso coffee.  We can’t promise you George Clooney or Penelope Cruz but you can come and have a chat with Jodie and Emma.

Please just use the hashtag #OBH on social media plaforms or tag us @Oberoibizhub when you join us for coffee.


We have a variety of flavors available including: Lungo Leggero, Espresso Caramel, Lungo Decaffeinato, Ristretto and Longo Forte.

1This offer will only be available from 1st March until 31st March 2020. This offer is exclusive to businesses only and offers 1 coffee for 1 person per business.   

Please call in and visit reception and ask to speak to Jodie to have your free Nespresso coffee or email us to let us know you are calling in