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Medical Body Scanning Revolutionised by UK Firm

Medical Body Scanning Revolutionised By UK Firm

Medical body scanning is being revolutionised in the UK thanks to a private healthcare group.

MRI Plus is offering patients same-day scans and results between 24 and 48 hours.

And the company has teamed up with Oberoi Business Hub’s Rapid Expert Answering Line, meaning patients never face delays.

The scanners, based in London and Essex, are available on evenings and at weekends.

Its practitioners also offer scanners for larger or bariatric patients, those who are concerned about confined spaces or with restricted mobility.

Simon Blunden, Sales & Marketing Director of MRI Plus, said: “Our strategic plan is to develop more private MRI services and we are currently looking for more sites to complement those we already have.

“Patients want to know quickly which action to take when they are in pain, particularly in crucial areas such as the head or spine.

“Our MRI scanners operate from 8am to 8pm and typically they are busiest on a Sunday.

“On the NHS, the average waiting time for MRI scans is more than six weeks, leaving many patients in pain and anxious.

“Doctors only choose what they perceive as the most deserving cases to be referred for an MRI because of the cost. 

“That is why many patients are turning to MRI Plus – because it gives pinpoint clarity of what is going on inside their bodies.

“We offer X-rays, ultrasound and CT scans as well as MRI, so we need an overflow call service which is available 24 hours a day.

“The expert team at our partners, Oberoi, do not miss a call. They have excellent technology, answering quickly and dealing with patients in a professional and caring manner.”

The Oberoi Business Hub team is headed by Kavita Oberoi OBE who has led teams in the health sector for many years.

Simon said: “Kavita and her staff understand the needs of patients. Customers want to connect with a human voice and want speedy, intelligent answers rather than being stuck in infuriating queues or being given automated responses.”

Kavita added: “It is wonderful to be at the forefront of these developments of MRI Plus”

“Our team on Pride Park in Derby, led by Emma Roome, have worked hard with MRI Plus to understand the business inside and out and follow exacting protocols.

“This is just one of the organisations who benefit from our many years of experience with health organisations and beyond – our Rapid Expert Answering Line is also tailored for charities, accountants, solicitors, small businesses and big businesses.

“Emma’s team liaise with clients to understand their precise needs and she trains the team and ensures high quality when the service goes live.”

“They have proved that we can be a virtual reception for anyone from GPs to hotels.”

MRI Plus scans cost from as little as £199. Costs depend upon which type of scan required and the number of areas which need to be scanned.