Client Case Studies

The examples below illustrate some of the ways the Oberoi Business Hub, and the associated business community, has benefitted our clients over the years.

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Case Study : Call Answering

Massage Therapy Derby

Ewa Lewandowska is an internationally accomplished massage expert. As a freelance and independent specialist, she works alone, and knew she wouldn’t have the capacity to provide a sufficient telephone answering capacity in-house.

She said: “I looked around… Oberoi was the only one who could provide a patient booking service.”

The business challenge

Ewa could not answer the phone while treating customers, so she inevitably missed calls and therefore new business - particularly on Saturdays.

Her services are popular, so her busy schedule meant it would sometimes be several days before she could return calls.

As a result:

  • The business lost customers, leading to slower growth
  • Precious admin time was lost managing calls from people who weren’t committed to booking a treatment
  • It had a significant and negative impact on her work and home life balance
  • Annual and sick leave were disrupted

Prior to engaging Oberoi Business Hub’s services, Ewa had tried out other options. One of these included hiring somebody to work from their home. This solution was not reliable enough if the individual had visitors, or their family were at home, or if they had to go out.

“I looked around for established companies that could provide the kind of service I needed.

"I came up with three but I felt that two of them were too big and Oberoi was the only one that could provide a patient booking service,”
explained Ewa.

The solution

The services Oberoi Business Hub provides to Massage Therapy Derby include:

  • Call answering and screening six days a week
  • Managing the practice diary’s appointments
  • Sending emails containing essential information about their appointments to new patients
  • Outgoing follow-up telephone calls as required
  • Recording and amending patient information
  • Providing practice information including directions and opening hours
  • Cross-selling, up-selling and flagging special offers when appropriate

The impact

"Customers are happy - and that is what counts.

"Oberoi has evolved alongside my business so the service has become incredibly tailored.

"I once stopped using Oberoi for a few months but I could not cope and went straight back!”
concluded Ewa

Offices and Conference Suites

Chiropractic & Complementary Medical Centre, Southampton

Dr Yoon Jeon has been providing safe, friendly and professional chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal medicine services in the UK and the Far East for more than 15 years.

After he started to use Oberoi Business Hub’s services he said:

Even if I employed a receptionist, I’d still use Oberoi’s services so our phone was never engaged.

The business challenge

When Dr Jeon opened his own clinic, as a sole practitioner, he knew he would need an answering service that would suit the way he wanted to work – rather than the other way around.

His issues were as follows:

  • Employing a receptionist was not financially viable and there was not enough room at the clinic
  • Using a call centre service was not an option, because it would not reflect Dr Jeon’s personal service
  • A small-scale telephone answering service would not provide the coverage the business required.

I called quite a few companies. Most of them were too large. It was important that those fielding my phone calls knew me as an individual – after all, I am a sole trader,
explained Dr Jeon.

The solution

“I didn’t need a local company, but I did need one that would answer the phone and answer queries as if they were working within the walls of my clinic. I now have a small team at Oberoi Business Hub who do just that,” said Dr Jeon.

The service includes:

  • Call answering six days a week
  • Management of individual specialist and practice diary – making, amending and cancellation of appointments if required
  • Matching patients with treatments
  • Recording and amending patient informationProviding practice information including directions and opening hours

The impact

I have a cost-effective and helpful team answering incoming calls to my clinic.

"Patients often think I have somebody answering calls from inside the clinic.

"I work from one room, so patients sometimes turn up and ask me where the receptionist is,
concluded Dr Jeon.

Offices and Conference Suites

About Backs & Bones, Allestree, Derbyshire

Backs & Bones is an award-winning, well-established practice with two clinics and 12 freelance specialists. It has a team based at Oberoi Business Hub answering calls providing appointment admin six days a week.

Business owner, Paula Collier-Ward said:
Turnover grows year on year.

"There are a lot of driving factors behind this, but having Oberoi to take calls is one of them.

The business challenge

The clinic’s opening hours do not match standard office hours - for example, it’s open in the evenings - so employing a receptionist was not feasible and was financially unviable.

Business owner Paula Collier-Ward used to field calls herself until this became unsustainable. There was a host of challenges associated with not having a call-answering service.

These included:

  • The inability to constantly man the phone while administering treatments and running a household meant calls were missed
  • Background noise created an unprofessional environment
  • Lost bookings - insufficient call answering capacity often resulted in the business going to other practices
  • Wasted administration time responding to new messages where the individual had already booked in with another clinic
  • The need to constantly manage bookings, check for client queries and respond to them
  • Managing and trying to overcome the stress that builds up from not having enough downtime

“I had to divert the line to my home number, but that would mean I couldn’t run out to the shop if I had to, and there was often domestic noise in the background.

"I tried using a referral system with a local gym and, although it was helpful, it didn’t bridge the gap.

“We are legally regulated specialists. Ad-hoc telephone availability did not fit our professional image.

"I needed somebody to take calls in a quiet environment,”
Paula explained.

Being the first point of contact for all enquiries took its toll on Paula.

Even employing a receptionist part-time would be insufficient to meet the needs of the business as well as unviable.

She needed a full-time service, without shouldering employment overheads or compromising the personal service her clients received from her.

Before finding Oberoi Business Hub on the internet, Paula had unfortunately experienced a poor service from two other call-answering services.

These issues were caused by:

  • Inadequate telephone skills for Backs & Bones customers
  • An obvious call centre atmosphere
  • Lack of local knowledge for giving clients directions.

“When I met Kavita my confidence was restored and I took the plunge again. This time, things went well,”
commented Paula.

The solution

The services Backs & Bones primarily use are:

  • Call answering
  • Managing the diaries of specialists and the practice – including making, amending and cancelling appointments
  • Matching patients with treatments
  • Recording and amending patient information
  • Providing practice information including directions and opening hours

The impact

“Turnover grows year on year. There are a lot of driving factors behind this, but having Oberoi to take calls is one of them.

“The service we receive from Oberoi is seamless and customers do not realise that Backs & Bones do not have an in-house receptionist until they walk into the clinic and look for one.

"I feel so much better in myself too, because I can concentrate on my area of expertise rather than having to man the telephones for two clinics,”
concluded Paula.

The team at Oberoi Business Hub tailor the services provided so that they are fully integrated – giving the impression that the services are delivered in-house.

This benefits both the patients and the therapists.

For example: if a treatment specialist starts at 2pm, but their first appointment is not until 2.30pm, a member of Oberoi’s team informs them of this, so they do not have to arrive at work earlier than needed.

Offices and Conference Suites

Watch the video below, where Paula, from "About Backs & Bones", talk about why she chose Oberoi Business Hub for all her call answering services.

Offices and Conference Suites

Case Study : Call Answering

Business Type: Building services, garage and loft conversions

Client Requirements

  • Sole Trader
  • Cannot take calls while working
  • Full time receptionist to take all calls and only to transfer genuine enquiries

How Oberoi supports this clients

  • Oberoi team of "in-house" virtual receptionists are the voice of their company when they are unavailable
  • Patch through (forward) genuine business enquiries
  • If not available send text message with a summary of the call
  • Messages are emailed at the time of call
  • Screen calls to appropriately manage marketing calls

Typical salary costs of full time receptionist approx. £1,291 per month

Typical bills over last year have been £58 + VAT per month

Average cost per annum for part-time employee = £15,500

Average cost per annum using Oberoi Call Answering = £814
Annual saving of £14,686
by Oberoi providing Call Answering Services

Offices and Conference Suites

Case Study : Conference Suites

Business Type: UK based national pawn broker

Client Requirements

  • Premises big enough to hold 10 new staff on a regular basis
  • Easily accessible as national team
  • Free Parking for delegates
  • Free access to projector, flipcharts and Wi-Fi
  • Provision of lunch and refreshments
  • Capacity to manage 10 days of training

How Oberoi supports this clients

  • Dedicated conference organiser to ensure we exceed the expectations of the client
  • Flexible layout option provided during the day
  • 2 Course hot buffet for all delegates

Savings of over £100 per day compared to other local providers

Offices and Conference Suites

Case Study : Conference Suites

Business Type: UK Pharmaceutical Company

Client Requirements

  • Training event for the UK management team
  • Difficult access to their Head Office
  • Capacity for 19 delegates in the plenary session, plus use of 2 break out rooms
  • Provision of AV equipment and business support throughout the day
  • Provision of refreshments on arrival and throughout out the day, including a working lunch
  • Easy access to East Midlands Airport (EMA), Derby railway station and motorway network

How Oberoi supports this clients

  • Our dedicated conference organiser provide personal service, to ensure we exceed client expectation
  • Our location provides easy access for delegates traveling by air, rail or road
  • Flexible provision of refreshments - we will provide what you need, when you need it
  • Fully equipped conference and break rooms

Significant savings compared to local providers.

Discount applies to multiple rooms bookings.

Offices and Conference Suites
Offices and Conference Suites

Case Study : Virtual Office

Business Type: Solicitors Servicing Corporate Entities & Private Individuals

Business Set-up & Requirements

  • 50 offices all over the UK
  • Required Pride Park address without renting an office
  • Required meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis to conduct client meetings as an when required
  • Mailing address
  • Access to photocopier

How Oberoi support the business

  • Provide a prestigious Pride Park virtual office address
  • Address can be used on letterheads, business cards and websites
  • Mail collection, safe storage and mail forwarding
  • 10% discount on meeting room bookings at the Oberoi HQ

Typical 2 person serviced office annual cost on Pride Park £4,800 per month

£30 + VAT per month for a Virtual Office
£81 + VAT per month for the Conference Suites*

Annual saving of £3,204
by Oberoi providing a virtual office

Offices and Conference Suites
Offices and Conference Suites

Case Study: Serviced Offices

Business Type: Apprenticeship Provider

REMIT IT; Delivering apprenticeship programmes to the Motor, IT, Business, Hospitality and Health and Social Care industries, across the UK

Business Set-up & Requirements

  • Required a Derby base for training within a week following a new contract
  • Easily accessible business premises with good train links for apprenticeship training
  • Fully furnished with full AV equipment for training
  • Flexible terms with no long term lease
  • Had no investment to fully kit out a training centre
  • High speed IT
  • One monthly fixed cost

How Oberoi supported the business

  • Started with one office in 2012
  • Hired additional space (conference suites) until business grew
  • Access to super-fast 400Mbps lease line
  • Free onsite parking
  • Took on a further 2 serviced offices to meet their business growth
  • Created a bespoke Pearson accredited room to carry out examinations as the business grew
Offices and Conference Suites