The Oberoi Business Community

Oberoi Business Hub Community

“The Oberoi Business Hub is more than just being about space and providing back office services. My vision is one of creating a network of businesses that work together and support one another - true entrepreneurial spirit at its finest. Our client’s success is our success.”

Kavita Oberoi OBE

Oberoi Business Hub Community

What is The Oberoi Business Community?

The Oberoi Business Community is a members’ only directory hosted on the Oberoi Business Hub website that allows you to  promote your own businesses to the community and access other businesses and offers. At Oberoi Business Hub, we support over 300 businesses nationally with a range of back office services, our aim is to encourage all of our clients to procure goods and services from each other within the Oberoi Business Community, as a value added service.   

By joining our community we provide back-links to your company website, improving your page ranking and SEO, as well as promoting your business through our social media platforms when you register. 

Oberoi Business Hub Community

How Do I Become Part of the Oberoi Business Community?

All of our current clients are entitled to join the Oberoi Business Community.

If you are an active client and you want to join the Oberoi Business Community, follow this link to become a member.

"Being part of the Oberoi Business Community has really helped our business to grow.

This is not only in terms of the excellent call answering services we receive from Oberoi but the generation of over £50,000 of sales for our office fit-outs and furniture in the last 18 months."

Martin Southey, Director of Cube 21 - September 2016